Advantage tabkids™

tabkids™ is an innovative learning platform for pre-primary and primary students. These are the most vital years of learning. The aim of this solution is to present a highly interactive tool for the students with an objective of strengthening their concepts.

  • All tabkids™ activities are customizable and based on the theory of learning, understanding and application of that understanding.
  • It compliments and enhances your teaching-learning process and aimed at overall (cognitive, social & moral) development of your children.
  • Parent access for both, live and archive view to the entire repository of their child's activities on tabkids™.
  • Multiple variety of activity sheets designed by academicians, in coordination with child-psychologists, make it more effective than other interactive class techniques.
  • Special ergonomic set-up and unique functioning make tabkids™ stand out among all current ICT techniques.
  • Most effective mode for differential learning, it helps to plan and handle diverse needs of all students while taking factors like their learning styles, skill levels, and readiness into consideration.
  • Visuals, colours and graphics assist in better concentration and long-time retention of concepts.
  • Enhances eagerness to learn and motivates children to become technology friendly; leading to an assured positive impact on learning outcomes.
  • "GO GREEN" with tabkids™ lesser paper consumption in the longer run.

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